7 Best Testosterone-Boosting Foods!

Testosterone is a vital component of male body system the excess or deficiency of which has major impact on their health. It is crucial for males to maintain optimal levels of testosterone as the lack of it can make them fat, tired, and depressed.

This is a list of top natural testosterone boosters which work:

1. Tuna

Vitamin D is essential when it comes to boosting T-levels. Tuna is a healthy, protein rich food, loaded with Vitamin D. One serving of tuna can meet your daily vitamin D needs. If you don’t receive much sunshine, add tuna to your diet.

2. Beans

Humble beans can offer many benefits than you can imagine. White, black, kidney all are superb sources of zinc and vitamin D. Everybody knows that zinc is needed to maintain sexual health. You can boil them, bake them or soak them in water for some time and throw them in a salad. And as a bonus, they are plant-based proteins which are also good for heart health.

3. Honey

Honey is known to be nature’s healer. It contains a best mineral associated with testosterone. Honey dilates the blood vessels to increase the flow of blood which aids in giving firm and lasting erections. However, you should be careful if you are a diabetic.

4. Cabbage

Cabbage is the king of the veg patch. Cabbage helps in flushing out the female’s hormone from your system leaving the male hormone more effective. So, man up at your meals by eating cabbage salads or adding it to your sandwiches.

5. Banana

Bananas don’t only look masculine. They have a clever shape and work best for the organ as well. Enzymes in banana are known to increase your libido and give you harder erections. A banana a day keep soft erections at bay.

6. Red Grapes

A research at Hong Kong University proved that eating a bunch of grapes everyday can raise T-levels and increase sperm’s motility, making your swimmers stronger and faster.

7. Meat

It is known that a meat free diet decreases the production of testosterone in your body so, the corollary must be true! Eat all kinds of meats, red and white. Non-vegetarian foods such as pork, turkey, buffalo, chicken are also counted as meats but only good quality meats have health benefits. Eat all of them but in limited quantities as moderation is the key.

Final Verdict

All the above foods are natural testosterone boosters and they could work great but when backed by exercising, they can give you much better results. A man at the age of 50 can achieve great erections if he is a healthy, and a well-maintained male.

Some of the foods mentioned above produce arginine, some produces nitric oxide, while other help in production and maintenance of sperm. In case you are away from home and cannot afford to cook or you are unable to balance workout with office then you opt for supplements like Andronox. Andornox is a dietary supplement which testosterone production by the same methods as these foods. According to the manufacturers, it has all herbal constituents.